Tribute to the music and live experience of the legendary rock band Whitesnake.

Founded in 1978 by frontman David Coverdale, Whitesnake have enjoyed a career spanning nearly 40 years. Through various line up changes the band has amazed audiences worldwide and continues to do so to this day. Lovehunter recreates the spirit and soul of Whitesnake and always entertains crowds time and time again as the authentic tribute band. 

Fronted by renowned vocalist Colin Robinson, Lovehunter are 6 piece band who recreate the live energy and performance of Whitesnake songs old and new – from ballads such as Is This Love and ‘Aint No Love to rock anthems such as Still Of the Night and Here I Go Again. 


The rhythm section of Lee Ellis Burton on drums and Pete Harriman on bass deliver the powerful drum beats and thundering bass lines. Keyboard player Craig Brown provides the thick rock organ undertones and keyboard overtones for the authentic Whitesnake sound. Guitarists Jack Kirton and Liam Stevenson recreate your favourite riffs and memorable guitar solos. 

Finally, vocalist Colin Robinson passionately recreates the unmistakeable vocal style and visual stage presence of David Coverdale.

Lead singer

Guitarist / Vocals


Drummer / Vocals

Bassist / Vocals